Cubic Printing / Water Transfer Printing


Cubic Printing / Water Transfer Printing

In collaboration of Taiwan Autofina is having separate line for water transfer printing process. Autofina is having existing liabrary of around 400 patterns including geometric, natural (wood and marble etc) & abstract designs. The biggest USP we have in water transfer printing is, in house development of new designs which can be developed for clients with exclusive user rights if required. Films used for this transfer are designed for high quality of sharpness and clarity of graphic image to match up-to 400 DPI

The Water transfer printing process can be used on metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and various other materials and is able to coat on complex three dimensional shapes with very high quality. So, it creates new color and new appearance on the printed product and enhances its additional value. It is a Art engineering. You can see colorful world from water transfer printing.


  • High quality printing film
  • Thousands of different patterns
  • Best performance activator
  • Fully & Semi automatic dipping system
  • Know how transfer & training
  • Color changing service
  • New pattern development
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